5th Week of Lent - Be Opened ...  to Believe

Opening Prayer - Prayerfully reflect on your life at present "Is it difficult for you to believe and do you ever have doubts"?
                         This week we hear the story of a certain man who was ill, Lazarus of Bethany, whose sisters are Martha and Mary
                         and that all lived in Bethany. Let us listen to the Gospel of John.

                         A Reading from the Holy Gospel of John                                                           John (11:1-7,17-27, 34-45 )

Now let us take some time to reflect on how the gospel plays out in your life.

If a word or phrase evoked a response in you say it out loud to the group. You don't have to say why it evoked the response.

[Click here to listen to the Gospel again]

Quietly reflect on the questions below.

1. What does 'Be Opened to Believe mean to you?

2. What have you experience in life that brought you to a deeper faith in God?

3. What do Jesus's words, ' I am the Resurrection and the life' mean to you?

Now, Listen to a reflection presented by  Dr. Michele Connolly rsj.  [Click here]

Be Opened to a Personal Encounter.  Lets listen to Chard Hargrave share his experience of Be Opened to believe. [Click here]

You may like to finish with your own personal prayer of thanksgiving.


Week 6 will be posted to this site Next Saturday 4th April 2020.




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