The newly installed columbarium has been a major project of the parish and you may have noticed in recent weeks the area is now ready for use. Soon additional works will continue such as a garden. This project started some time ago and was driven from the combined efforts of the Capricorn Coast Catholic Community. The columbarium allows for up to 100 spaces as well as two memorial sections.

To preserve uniformity of the columbarium, the plaques for the niches and the memorial plaques shall be of a standard form, design, and dimension. The attached information will assist you to review the procedure and policies as well as applications for both immediate use and reservation of niches.

For further information or to reserve either a memorial plaque or a niche please contact the Parish Office.

Information on the use of the columbarium

Placing of Ashes

At the completion of the funeral service, the body is cremated. A short time later the Crematorium will contact the family and advise them that the ashes are available for collection. The family will then contact our Parish to arrange final inurnment of the ashes in the Columbarium.

Is there a Ceremony?

This is optional. If an inurnment ceremony is requested a fee does apply.

Reservation of a Niche

The Applicant has the option of reserving a niche for intended use by either themselves or others. A niche may be reserved by either full payment of the fee or a 50% deposit.

The balance is paid at the time of use.

In all cases, the application process must receive approval of the Parish prior to the interment of ashes.

Plaque Design

The Plaques for the Columbarium will be of standard design and provided by the Parish. The words and symbols on the plaque will be in accordance with guidelines provided by the parish.

The cost of the plaque and inscription is included in the overall Fee.

Example of Plaque Wording

How to apply for a Memorial or Niche

Complete an appropriate application form below and forward to the Parish office.

Capricorn Coast Catholic Parish
YEPPOON  Q 4703.

Policy, Forms and Brochure

To download or view the the application forms,
Policy or brochure please click on the
appropriate link below.

Application for a Memorial
Application for a Niche
Columbarium Policy

Our columbarium is situated in a well
maintained area adjoining the church



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